Access Control is key to reducing anxiety as we face this health crisis together and practice guidelines of social distancing recommended by the CDC. New rules and uncertain developments in the fight against COVID 19 create a heightened need for top functioning access control systems on all properties.

PTR Controlled Access is here to empower you! Control what you can and leave the rest to the experts. Automatic vehicle & pedestrian gates, CCTV surveillance cameras, and building access systems are vitally important especially right now.

Why is access control more important than ever during a crisis?

Unnecessary/unauthorized entry into communities, commercial spaces, and common areas is avoided

Illegitimate congregate meetings are no longer possible, which increase social distancing per the CDC

Sheltering in place is accompanied by peace of mind for residents at communities with access control

Illegal pool/amenity usage is identified and penalties enforceable

Unlawful behavior is discouraged by accountability/visibility offered by access control

PTR is mandating handwashing, sanitizing points of contact on all equipment before & after work as well as wearing gloves to reduce potential contamination for all employees and customers alike.

As always, remote and Emergency Service remains a top priority for all customers.

We can assist with an access option for touchless entry on interior/exterior doors as well as pedestrian gates. Made in America!

Please don’t hesitate to call PTR Controlled Access for peace of mind today!