Access Control Systems For Offices With Keyscan

Keyscan manufactures A-grade access control hardware and software, with an experience of 25 years. Dormakaba acquired this Canadian EAC company in 2014. Kaba Group, Keyscan’s parent company, has been serving the global access control security market for over 150 years with high credibility. 

Keyscan’s advanced technology provides all possible kinds of premier access control solutions to secure buildings and rooms. A report on Access Control Market with Covid-19 impact states that biometric readers are likely to observe the highest growth rate during the forecast period (2020-2025). The report also predicts North America is going to be the largest market of access control systems. 

Keyscan access control readers and systems are distributed all over Canada, the US, Mexico, South America, the UK, and Central America across diverse sectors like banks, schools, corporate offices, multinational organizations, hospitals, military bases, retail stores and many more. 

The brand’s primary focus is to establish one-platform integration of all their innovations and allow remote access. No matter if you have chosen a single door system or a complex system for a whole building, you can access Keyscan’s software from any device with an internet connection. Keyscan’s Aurora Web Client lets you update and maintain various tasks from any remote location.

Keyscan Access Control Systems for Office Security 

Door Controllers 

Keyscan CA series door controller system comes in flexible designs for 1,2, 4 or 8 doors. These CA and EC access control units are easily configurable and supported by Wiegand protocols. Up to 6,000 transactions can be retained in transaction buffers with an auto-upload protocol in case of any communication interruption. This door module system has dual processors and power over Ethernet. It can accommodate hundreds of time schedules with an expanded flash memory that can store almost 45,000 credentials. 

Elevator Floor Controllers 

Keyscan’s EC series elevator floor controllers are ideally designed to increase access security on office floors. Credential-holders have to input their valid credentials to use the elevator. An additional update of the aging system can be expected in this series based on the existing infrastructure. The EC controller series is designed for 1 and 2 cab modules. The key features of Keyscan door controllers and elevator floor controllers are pretty much the same. These units are compatible with many applications and provide a global communication system among multiple controllers, servers and sites. 

Mobile Access Credentials 

With Keyscan’s mobile access credential system, administrators can issue mobile credentials. Only people and employees with valid credentials will be granted access to different entrance doors, elevators, parking lots, and other entry points. It is a cloud-based credential distribution app powered by K-SMART3 BLE Readers. You can save up to 10 mobile credentials on a single device, protected by a password or biometric security. 

High-Security Readers and Credentials 

Kaba group displays a good range of high-security iClass, Keyscan and UHF readers and credentials. These devices are designed to monitor every entry and exit point of any office buildings and ensure authorized access. High-security readers and credentials should be an integral part of every facility’s security protocol to increase the protection of their members and physical possession.