Access Control Systems In Atlanta For Homeowner Associations

Whether you are a real estate investor in Atlanta or staying in a managed community, access control should be the first and foremost layer of your security protocol. Have you looked at a recent report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution? It says 2020 has been Atlanta’s deadliest year in decades

An 18-year old was found stabbed at his own apartment complex last year in Suwanee. You don’t feel safe anymore, leaving your child home alone.

Implementation of a solid access control system is now a part of necessity. According to the findings of a survey by Allegion, a leading security solution provider, 52% of millennials prefer tech-based access methods such as smartphones, biometric, key fobs or card credentials. 

With the emergence of IoT security, people are getting more adapted to digitized and cloud-based access control solutions.

Let’s talk about some of the most convenient and commonly used access control systems for homeowners in Atlanta. 

RFID Smart Cards

The modern contactless access cards are more like an electronic version of door keys. These cards have built-in microprocessors to provide the user credentials to the card reader device. If the credentials match with the database, the system will grant access to that person.

You can also save other information like membership credentials, cash for supermarket, biometric details. As these cards use a near-field communication technology with 13.56 Mhz radio frequency, you don’t have to actually bring the card out of your purse to touch the reader.  

Card Readers

Access control card readers are a popular choice for medium to small businesses and private use as well. These devices are installed on every entry point to read the credentials of an access card electronically. Card readers have a feature to gather data that can help investigate any pattern or irregularity in access logs. 

There are two different kinds of card readers. In the magnetic stripe key readers, you have to swipe the card in the device. Proximity card readers can catch the radio frequency identification signal from a distance even if the card is not in direct contact.

Keypad Access Systems

Keypads are simple pin-based access authentication systems that don’t require any smart card or access credentials. Unless a person knows the unique personal identification number, their entry will be restricted. There are multiple types, such as central access control keypads, standalone pin pads, keypads on door locks, and IP keypads. 

Although keypad access control is not functionally sufficient for multinational organizations and large buildings, it is perfect for home access security. PINs can get exposed. So, keypads are sometimes integrated with biometric identification systems to maintain confidentiality.

Automated Driveway Gates

An automated gate in front of the driveway will ensure your family’s safety from intruders and unwanted elements and give you more privacy. Single or double-armed swing gates are typically used for residential properties. 

The best part is you don’t have to get out of the car to open these gates. As your car approaches the door, you can send a signal with a transmitter and the receiver at the door will take the message and open or close the door. There are many ways to open these gates like remote control, fobs or key cards or sensor-based entry.