When you’re in charge of people’s homes as an apartment complex landlord, it’s important to make sure your tenants feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Apartment complexes rely on surveillance cameras to fulfill a variety of needs — especially if a legal situation arises, and they are an important asset to have.

Why should apartment complexes have surveillance cameras? Apartment complexes should have surveillance cameras to record illegal activities, protect tenants, provide a better living experience with increased security and comfort, and to elevate the apartment complex’s image.

Surveillance cameras are a necessity for apartment complexes, and there are a lot of different styles, features, and prices available. Surveillance cameras are key to helping you provide a comfortable, safe, and secure environment for your tenants, plus they can help you defend yourself in the event of a legal case.

Why Apartment Complexes Need Surveillance Cameras

It’s crucial that apartment complexes are equipped with surveillance cameras for a variety of important reasons, including:

  • To record illegal activities, in case proof is needed
  • To protect the landlord and the tenant
  • To provide a better living experience for the tenants
  • To improve the business’ branding and image

Apartment complexes may need to have evidence for a case — which means that surveillance footage is crucial. The landlord and the tenant can get justice for a legal issue with the help of surveillance backup. Tenants feel more comfortable and safe living in a secure environment, and this will help the brand maintain a positive image for current and prospective tenants.

To Record Illegal Activities

A variety of illegal activities can happen on apartment complex premises. In the event that the police need evidence for a crime, you can help them by providing your historical footage. If one of your tenants needs it for a case they’ve opened or been apart of, you can also help.

By providing video evidence of illegal activities, you cover both yourself and your tenants, allowing both of you to get reimbursed for anything that’s been stolen, damaged, and beyond.  

For Protection

With surveillance cameras, you provide extra protection for your apartment complex’s tenants. You can help protect them and their assets by providing footage when needed. They can know that justice will be brought to life with your help.

And in the event of damage against your complex, you can provide evidence of the crime to the cops to protect yourself and your business. It’s easy to provide evidence of a crime with the right surveillance system setup.

To Provide A Better Living Experience

When you have surveillance cameras across your apartment complex property, your tenants notice, and they feel safer and better renting an apartment on your property. They know that you take their safety seriously, and it provides a better living experience as a result. 

Tenants want to be comfortable with their landlord. With surveillance cameras on-premises, they know that any illegal activity will be recorded and that their safety is at the top of your mind.

To Improves Business Image

When you’re trying to fill empty apartments, you want prospective tenants to be impressed with your complex and community. Beyond clean, maintained premises, a secure environment is a must. 

Since tenants know they can feel comfortable and secure in their homes, surveillance cameras can help strengthen your business’ image and bring in more sales — leading to more profits and growth. With reviews and ratings driving decisions of customers, it’s more important than ever for businesses like apartment complexes to do everything they can to maintain a positive image.

Surveillance Camera Types

If your apartment complex needs extra surveillance on its property, it’s important to pick the right surveillance camera system and setup. When figuring out which surveillance camera system is right for you, you’ll need to understand the different styles and features available and figure out which are necessary for your needs.


There are many types of surveillance camera options and system setups. There are many different styles, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, wireless and wired security cameras, smart security cameras, and more. Each style has a variety of benefits and fits different applications better. The right choice and set up for you will depend on your apartment complex’s specific needs.


Surveillance cameras have become impressive in quality and sophistication, and some of the best surveillance cameras can provide up to 7K or 30-megapixel resolution for crystal clear imagery. 

Available on the market, you’ll find cameras that simply hit the basic needs of a decent view of the premises, and you’ll also find surveillance cameras equipped with the latest picture technology for the crispest image possible.

Design Your Own Surveillance Camera System

When you want to create a surveillance system that is tailored to your apartment complex’s needs, PTR Access is here to help. We design, install and service your custom surveillance camera system for its lifetime — getting you exactly what you need and taking the weight off of making all of the decisions yourself.

We listen to your needs, utilize the best quality hardware and software available, and source from the top camera suppliers on the market. Our surveillance camera brand partners include Eagle Eye Networks, Salient, and Samsung CCTV, but we also can use other suppliers when necessary.

Partnering with You for a Custom Surveillance System

Our team of engineers and designers will work with you to create your custom surveillance camera system and network that gets you the exact coverage you need for your complex. We will meet with you, review your space, and work together to build a one-of-a-kind surveillance system that will help you grow your business.

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