Brivo Mobile Pass: Take Your Access Control To The Next Level

Brivo’s mobile pass is an excellent mobile app for security and convenience. You can use your smartphone as your access pass for secured areas. It works with Brivo’s Onair cloud platform, so it offers great stability.

Your Brivo installer grants you a complete hub to manage your access while accessing your credentials whenever you need. There’s no need for physical cards and keys anymore.

How can you access the pass?

Using Brivo’s mobile pass is straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to set up and get used to its interface. It’s an amazingly intuitive app, given the amount of access control and security it adds to entry systems.

Companies integrating Brivo usually provide quick guides on how to use it. However, the process is virtually the same regardless of who’s implementing the platform.

Brivo installer

The first step is to download the Brivo installer and app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. You can also receive an invitation with a Brivo installer link you can use.

Once downloaded, you add your pass, usually obtained from the invitation email. Said email usually comes with your credentials as well.

Using the mobile pass

Using Brivo is even easier than installing it. You just need to connect to the Wi-Fi where you’re going to use the pass. That’s because the app uses geolocation.

Open the app and tap on the location you want to access. That shows a door icon, which you must click next. That displays a list of doors you can access, and you press and hold the right one.

What can Brivo do for you?

The Brivo mobile pass is an excellent app for everyone within a community. Security managers have better control over who accesses what. On the other hand, users have an easier time, not having to fiddle with keys and card readers.


You keep all your credentials for several amenities and facilities in a single app. A tap is necessary to go through any door. It also has great features like favorite doors and voice command support. It offers 2-factor authentication for better security in stricter areas.


Security managers can monitor and update access permissions, as well as unlocking doors remotely. CCTV footage and door activity can log into the app, and it supports alarm panels. In case of emergency, you can revoke and assign individual smartphone credentials or even lockdown all doors on the site.