How Automatic Vehicle Gates Can Increase Home Security

Automatic vehicle gates work as an extra layer to the security protocol of commercial and private or residential properties.

The homeowners have complete access control to prevent any intruder or unwanted elements from entering their property. The whole system runs on a single button press at your fingertips. 

A recent statistical study on US crime rates shows in 2018, 7.2 million property crime cases in the US outnumbered violent crimes with 5.2 million larceny incidents alone. 

People are more likely to depend on automated gate security to cope with the ongoing crime rate, and compared to the safety assurance, the investment seems worth the value. The thriving industry of the Global Automatic Gate Opening System is predicted to reach USD 14,238.3 million by 2025


6 Benefits of Having Automatic Vehicle Gates

Safety of Your Family, Kids and Pets 

Driveway security gates give a protective shield and drastically improve the security of your family and possession. For instance, you don’t have to come out of the car late at night to unlock the door manually.

Let your children and pets play freely in the front yard. You don’t need to worry about stray animals getting in or the heavy traffic on the streets outside. An electric gate in front of your property will work as a fence.

More Privacy

With an automated vehicle gate, you finally attain the kind of privacy you always wanted for your home – no pedestrians loitering in your property without permission, no risk of break-ins. Any random car or other vehicles can’t park on your lawn. 

These kinds of gates give your place a landscaping feature. Now you can enjoy little outdoor family time without being watched from across the street. 

Pay Lower Insurance Premium 

Your insurance company will definitely consider the added home security value of an automated gate. And as a result, you will pay a smaller amount of insurance premium, not only for your home but for your car or any other vehicle you own. 

Double Your Home Security

To make the security hurdle even more robust, you can think about installing a surveillance camera, an alarm system or an electronic lock to this automated gate. This way, you will be able to monitor any kind of discrepancy through a mobile app.  

Keep the Burglars Away

Joseph B. Kuhns from the University of North Carolina once surveyed 422 random burglars to understand criminological factors. When asked what deters burglars from choosing a particular target, 60% of the answers mentioned alarm and lack of escape route.  

Evidently, potential burglars or intruders don’t dare to mess with an automated gate. The risk factors are too high. They can get locked in your property, or an alarm may trigger anytime. 

Added Value 

If you ever plan to sell your place, an automated gate is an effective way to stand out from the real estate crowd. An automated gate in front of your driveway will instantly add extra value to the property. Further, it enhances your home’s aesthetic outlook and beauty, which will surely boost your curb appeal.