When determining if purchasing a security camera system is necessary for your business, ask yourself, “Is purchasing inventory or training your salesforce necessary?” In the same vein, protecting your business from security threats is just as important as devoting dollars to other business activities and purchases — maybe even more. 

How necessary are security cameras for your business? Security cameras are an important investment for many businesses, such as retail stores, housing facilities, banks, and more. They provide business owners with the peace of mind and the tools to improve security and safety on-premises and within the company.

Security cameras are much more than an overhead cost. An investment in a security camera system is an investment in the business. Businesses benefit from a more secure and comfortable environment — knowing their employees, products, and other assets are protected.

What Businesses Need Security Cameras?

Security cameras should be considered an essential purchase for many types of businesses. Popular business types include retail and electronic stores, housing, banks, warehouses, jewelry stores, and more. This list, however, is not exclusive, and security cameras should be considered by all businesses spanning all industries. 

Your company is valuable — from the brick and mortar establishment to the employees, to the products you sell, and the equipment that is used to perform your services. It is not just the types of businesses listed above that encompass vital entities that must be protected. Security cameras are useful for many benefits and business types.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

There is a wide range of benefits for businesses that invest in security cameras, no matter if it’s for one room on the premises or the entire facility. With security cameras, business establishments can effectively protect against theft and illegal activities, increase employee safety, provide freedom from the location for the business owner, and provide physical proof for various needs, such as insurance or a crime. 

Protect Against Theft/Illegal Activities

One of the most obvious reasons for having security cameras onsite is the deterrence of theft and/or illegal activities. By merely having cameras visible on the exterior of your building(s), you can ward off potential thieves. 

You don’t need to have thousands in cash stored inside the office or cash register for a thief to want to strike. There are often countless valuables inside of any business that could be attractive to someone who is ready and willing to commit a crime.

When it comes to illegal activities, this could refer to trespassing on the property, arson, breaking and entering, etc. Having a surveillance system in place can ward off these actions, as well. This, in turn, also provides a layer of protection for your employees. 

Increased Employee Safety

Employees are the heart of every business — they can’t run without them. Security cameras can provide the needed protection to ensure their safety. Should employees often work alone or during evening hours, they can feel secure in knowing that a system is in place to keep them safe. 

When you invest in security cameras, you are investing in your employees, and they will be grateful to work for a company that cares about them as individuals — not just staff. 

Freedom from Location

Having a security system provides a business owner with freedom and reassurance, and there is no longer a need to constantly worry. Business owners can know that their physical location is protected, and they no longer have to be onsite 24/7 to be able to look after the business. 

With security cameras in place, business owners may check-in as they please to ensure everything is running as it should. Should something go wrong, they will be alerted, and they will have the footage necessary to either provide to law enforcement or to any other parties necessary.

Footage for Evidence

Whether you’ve had a crime occur at your business or you’re somehow involved in a criminal case, you can use your security camera footage as evidence to prove that certain actions occurred or didn’t occur. This is important for getting reimbursement and for helping solve a crime. 

No matter how unlikely it is that an event would occur, you’ll be thankful that you have the footage if it is ever needed.

Insurance Purposes

Security cameras provide insurance benefits two-fold. First, security cameras can protect you from insurance claims. Second, insurance companies can provide discounts for businesses with extra security measures.

When you’re a business owner, you want to protect your assets in the case of employee claims, such as workman’s comp, or in the event that a customer makes an accusation against your company. Security cameras can protect you from any type of fraudulent insurance claim or legal action — which can save you lots of money.

In addition, insurance companies oftentimes will offer discounts to those businesses that institute extra security measures — one of which being the use of surveillance. In an insurance company’s view, you will become less of a liability when you take the initiative and responsibility to guard your property.  

Are Security Cameras Necessary for Your Business?

As a business owner, you are responsible for safeguarding your company. It is of your discretion to determine if security cameras are necessary, but it’s important to know what you can lose without them. The more your business can lose without them, the more your business needs them.

While a security camera system may seem like a big investment, it comes with priceless benefits: improved employee safety, protection of your important business assets, providing proof when needed, and more. Security cameras could save you thousands of dollars if the wrong situation occurs, and you don’t have video footage you need as backup.

Security cameras also provide immeasurable benefits. You never know how many people a security camera scared off from stealing, breaking in, etc. Even if a threat is low — one day, when the unthinkable happens, you will be saved by having a security system, and thankful you made the decision to protect your business. 

Choosing the Right Security Cameras

There is a myriad of options when it comes down to choosing the right security camera. Some factors that are important to consider are video quality and viewing capabilities, the size and number of cameras needed, cloud storage size, and whether you’ll need indoor/outdoor cameras. 

It’s important that you assess your business to determine what type of investment you’d like to make in a surveillance system. Some questions you might ask yourself include:

  • Do you need to protect your building’s inside, outside, or both? 
  • What room(s) or area(s) are necessary to record?
  • Do you need long-range or short-range video footage? 
  • Do you want a crisp and clear image, or can you manage with lesser a resolution recording? 

If you’re overwhelmed thinking about the options, you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have to know it all, or even know a little. PTR is here to be your guide and consultant in every facet, helping you design, install, and maintain the right system for your needs.

Partner with Us for Your System

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