Best Access Control Systems

Access control is crucial for most properties today. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a store, house, apartment building, or office complex. Finding the best access control system for your needs should be a priority for anyone.

However, choosing a solution can be intimidating—primarily if you haven’t used one before. Today, we’ll go through what you must keep in mind to find the right system for your property.

Primary considerations for access control systems

Figuring out an ideal access control system is a subjective process. Today, you have countless options available, and stadiums and stores have different needs than your home. Figuring out what you need and what works for you is the first step.

Picking the best access control system doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keeping these three aspects in mind while choosing can streamline the process considerably. Consider working with an expert consultant as well if you want to make everything straightforward.

  • Needs and goals

Be realistic with your requirements. Start by counting how many openings you need to cover as well as interior and exterior areas. That will determine the system’s size.

Once you have a basic outline of your system’s extension, think about which features you need. Different locks might work better for specific goals and entrances.

  • Access type

Most people think about cards, badges, or manual identification when considering access types. Today, you can use specialized smartphone apps and smartwatches for entry.

These solutions might be somewhat more expensive regarding installation, yet they can save money in the long term. You can forget about printing and maintaining cards and badges.

  • System power

Finally, you need to evaluate system wiring. You can use electric wiring or wireless connections. Some methods are cheaper, while others are more efficient.

Wireless solutions are becoming more common, which means their prices decrease with market supply. Assess how much you’ve spent already and whether you can pick a more practical approach.

Different system types: Picking the best access control system for you

You should know what you want from your access control solution by now. It’s time to go through different methods and accommodate different needs with varied features.

All systems work under the same principle: identifying, authenticating, and authorizing people trying to access a property. The best access control system depends on the building’s nature, scale, and security requisites.

  • Discretionary

Discretionary access control allows business owners to provide individual access to specific locations. It offers less control centralization, but it’s considerably more flexible than other system types. It’s better if you need versatility over other features.

  • Mandatory

Mandatory access control is better for institutions handling delicate data. It offers top security features and restrictions, using security clearance tiers for different users. However, owners lose control over access types since a central authority regulates all rights.

  • Role-based

Finally, role-based access control is the most typical system, especially in residencies and business facilities. Security managers can define specific rules to dictate access privileges. These rules can include the time of day, location, job titles, and more.

Offices and workplaces are changing today – but no matter how you want the office design to be, you need a good access control system.