Locksmith Services – How We Serve Atlanta Homeowner Associations & Businesses 

Having a good locksmith can be a lifesaver. A master key for everything is a great idea and can ensure that your business is protected and in the right hands. Some of these issues include tenant switches, lost keys, and more. Businesses need to think of a locksmith in their rolodex as an asset for year-round needs and emergencies. Our locksmith services in the Atlanta area services a plethora of markets not limited to HOAs, businesses and community management associates who are needing this work done on a routine basis. PTR Controlled Access is here to keep your assets secured. 

It might be hard to find a reliable locksmith in your area for these large-scale needs within apartment complexes, HOAs and commercial real estate needs. Keep PTR in mind the next time you are searching for a commercial property locksmith in the greater Atlanta area and allow us to assist. 


What makes a good locksmith?

A locksmith in Atlanta  can offer swift service in minutes, but that’s not to say you are finding the right professional with your Homeowner Association and large-scale commercial needs in mind. 

PTR Controlled Access has experienced technicians who practice industry-standard safety procedures on all projects while adhering to their rigorous professional training and standards. Not only are we responsive, we are also certified, licensed and insured. Visit our website or call us for a prompt quote and service call. Follow-up in a top priority due to our unique  customer-focused results. 


Accessing your keys means accessing your privacy. Not anyone should be able to go that far. Your chosen auto locksmith has to be transparent and have plenty of satisfied customers backing their credibility.


Locksmith and access control have benefitted from many innovations, both in tools and methods. There’s no reason why they should spend hours working on your car. A few minutes is enough to solve most problems today.


Many requests for auto locksmiths are emergencies. Unfortunately, many take advantage of their customers’ desperation and charge astronomical prices. These solutions don’t need to be expensive.

What can we do for you?

Our locksmith Atlanta services guarantee you have someone to trust anytime disaster strikes. Let our Locksmith services help you with everything lock-related.

Lockout assistance

We’ve all been locked out of our businesses and houses. In the field of commercial real estate management, lock and key logistics can turn into a nightmare. You could leave your keys inside, or they could break inside the lock. The reason isn’t too important; what matters is that it’s one of the most frustrating and anxiety inducing experiences.

We can help you retrieve your locked keys, create new keys, or any other locksmith service.

Lock and switch replacement

Locks can get damaged for countless reasons. A few reasons include turning your key too hard, breaking it inside, or just deterioration over time.

That’s why a good auto locksmith can help you replace your door and trunk locks. 


A master key for everything

Keeping your business premises secure is important. We can help you get master key access for every door – so you can prevent any external or internal threats. No need to panic when there is a break in. After you’ve called the police, give us a call. We will replace the damaged locks quickly. 


Essential Commercial Locksmith Services

From installing intercoms to re-keying current lock and security systems, we can help with all your commercial locksmith needs. Talk to us to install high security entrances and doors in Atlanta. 

We can also help you with ideas to improve your lock and security system in your business and home. Check out the services that PTR provides if you’re interested in locksmith services in the Atlanta area.