Office & Retail

Providing Office & Retail Electronic Gate and Access Systems

PTR offers comprehensive plans to address your company’s electronic gate and access needs. We work with Atlanta area clients to design custom integrated systems that control entry and exit to parking lots and buildings. Our experts are here to recommend a comprehensive system that provides:

  • easy to follow entry/exit lanes for employees and visitors
  • accommodate deliveries and drop-offs
  • databasee tracking entry and exit
  • variety of remote access options
  • video surveillance system
  • back-up

At PTR, our electric gates are designed to complement the building’s design and parking areas to form a unified community. We work with a variety of leading manufacturers such as DoorKing, Viking and Liftmaster. Our remote gate systems include swing gates, wheel-roller gates, barrier arms and others. Read more about creating an automatic gate system to best suit our buildings’ and tenants’, needs.

Likewise, we offer a range of access control systems. Most offices and retail areas today require a way to manage the comings and goings of visitors and employees, and to maintain areas with restricted access for confidentiality or safety reasons. By utilizing access cards, remote keys, or mobile apps, our clients can determine who is allowed in their buildings, and which floors, or even rooms, that a person can enter.

Logging systems can be used along with video surveillance to keep track of who is coming and going. Our experts work with you to determine what information you need to retain, and for how long. Since we work with a variety of manufacturers, we can provide a range of access control and video surveillance features.

During the installation of your new automated system, we always aim to keep disruption to a minimum so that employees and customers can proceed as usual. PTR will clearly mark areas under construction and provide alternative entry/exit options if needed.
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