While Atlanta can be a great place to live, you do have to be aware of its crime rates. Overall, crime is dropping, but it’s still 110% higher than the national average.

For this reason, you might be looking into security solutions to keep your multifamily development secure.

One such solution is a security gate, which can serve many functions. In this article, we’ll discuss all the benefits that come with getting one so you know the true value of such a solution.

Increased Security

The most obvious benefit you’ll get with a rolling security gate is increased security. When your community is open, anyone can easily walk up to a property, break in, and leave, all within minutes. Even if there are witnesses, they may not see enough detail to provide useful information to the authorities.

When you have a security gate, this provides an extra barrier between your development and the outside world. When you combine this with a security guard, access control system, and/or security cameras, it makes things much tougher for intruders.

Although they can still climb over fences, it’s harder to do, which means burglars will either give up or it’ll take them so long that someone will eventually spot them. A simple gate system will achieve this.

Better Safety

Multifamily developments tend to have a large population of young and/or old residents. Most of them enjoy spending time outside, especially if the weather’s nice.

But if your community isn’t gated, this leaves it open to outside traffic. This means random vehicles can come speeding through your neighborhood, potentially hitting these residents while they’re outside. Almost 400 children are killed every year because of traffic accidents like this, so installing a vehicle gate can keep outsiders out where they belong and safeguard everyone inside.

When only residents and their guests can drive inside your development, they’ll be more respectful and careful of those who are inside. Inhabitants can have more peace of mind when their children are playing outside.

More Peace and Quiet

On that note, when there are fewer vehicles passing through your community, you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet. There will be fewer random roars of engines or beeping of horns, no matter what time of day it is.

By gating your community, you ensure that the only traffic inside is slow and safe, as well as quiet. Again, residents (and their guests) will be more mindful than strangers, so if you keep the pool of traffic to just these people, you’ll notice a world of difference.

More Privacy

Perhaps your multifamily development is in an area where you don’t have to worry about much crime. But the fact is, you can still benefit from getting a security gate.

Many communities are built in convenient areas so you can get to and from places with little difficulty. But this works both ways; other people can easily get on the property as well.

Perhaps there’s a nice park nearby so when you look outside, there are strangers around, all day long. This can easily ruin your residents’ enjoyment of the property.

When you have a security gate installed, this gives your community a wide berth where only those who actually live inside (and their guests) can access the area. This allows them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and creates their own little slice of paradise inside.

It Keeps out Solicitors

While today, door-to-door salesmen aren’t as common anymore, there are still people who do unwanted solicitation by knocking on people’s doors. From charities and religious missionaries to scammers, your residents may be frustrated with interruptions throughout their days.

A security gate can be extremely effective in keeping these solicitors out. You’ll have the freedom to allow or prevent someone from getting into your community. This means residents will no longer have to deal with uncomfortable situations where they feel pressured to donate money, nor will they have to waste their time on these scenarios.

Get a Better Sense of Community

In normal neighborhoods, people tend to live their separate lives and rarely get to know their neighbors. However, in a gated community, there’s the unique phenomenon of people banding together.

If your residents enjoy creating bonds with those who live around them, then a security gate might just do the trick. This can instill a sense of camaraderie where it’s the residents of the development against the world.

It Increases Your Property Value

Gated communities are usually seen as a higher-quality area to live since there’s that added layer of protection. As a result, this can add value to your development.

For residents who are planning on selling their homes later on, having a security gate installed for your multifamily development can be a worthwhile investment. All the properties inside will get the benefit of increased value for better reselling in the future.

Get a Security Gate for Your Community

As you can see, your community can significantly benefit from a security gate. Most importantly, it’ll keep unsavory characters from getting into the area, which can protect all the families inside. In addition, it keeps traffic to a minimum so it’s safer for children to play outside.

With only pros and barely any cons, security gates are definitely something every multifamily development needs. So make the first step in securing your community and look into having a gate installed.

Are you interested in getting a security gate for your multifamily development? Then get in touch with us now.