Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Whether you are looking for an access control system for residential, commercial, industrial, or multi-dwelling developments, PTR can design, sell, install, and maintain the best solutions on the market. From a simple swipe card entry into a building, mobile phone access authentication, or license plate recognition into an industrial lot, we can provide an access control system that will give you greater confidence about the comings and goings on your properties.

Today’s technology combines with the age-old ideas of doors and gates to provide you with the physical barriers you need and the simplest and most convenient ways to grant access to trusted individuals. Combine access control with camera and gate systems for a comprehensive solution. Contact us today at 404-609-1500 to learn more about the access control systems we can provide.

Brivo’s cloud-based system provides businesses with easy system management of their single or multi-location access control needs. Using Brivo’s Onair system employees can use their smartphones to gain access, removing the cost and hassle of issuing swipe cards. Management can allow access to employees or contractors from wherever they are.

As an authorized dealer for Door King, we have access to some of the best, most field-tested gate and access control systems available. Door King has long been an innovator in the use of technology to increase the safety and effectiveness of their products. As an authorized dealer, we are fully qualified to install and service their systems.

The DwellingLive community access control system provides a range of modules for access control, including a license plate recognition system that can log the license plate of vehicles entering the property. The managements systems are cloud-based for easy control by property managers and HOAs.