RFID Card Copying And Its Security Risk

While RFID technology has become popular and many property managers are opting to go this route due to convenience, there are many security concerns associated with this advancement that we love to convey to our clients and potential customers. Sure, it’s a practical and comfortable technology that seemingly makes everyone’s lives easier. That’s why you can see them in residential properties all the way to government and military spaces.

However, there’s more than meets the eye. RFID technology is easy to copy, and that’s something you shouldn’t forget. What do you think about anyone being able to copy and give away access to your properties? That’s what RFID copying enables. You wouldn’t want someone to be able to make a thousand copies of your credit card, would you?

Why RFID card copying isn’t a great idea 

RFID card copying is great for tenants – not so for landlords. 

Sure, it sounds good to give anyone the chance to copy their access credentials. You might think it frees you from having to assess requests, but you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to outside threats.

For every problem “solved” by card copying, at least two more come up. Tenants can give away access to your spaces without you knowing. Have you had issues with an occupant in the past? With card copying, they can “get back” at you after they’re gone.

The dark side of RFID card copying

The convenience behind them is exactly the reason why RFID card copies are such a significant risk for property managers. Tenants don’t really need to inform you when they wish to get these copies, so you can lose track of property access.

If that occurs, the most common consequence is unwanted access to your property. In the best cases, this problem is commonly due to family and loved ones of your tenant, but it doesn’t always end there.

Card copies can get out of hand

Many tenants forget about reporting lost access cards because they have a backup ready. They simply fall back to it, and that means strangers have access to your cards—and thus, your property.

RFID card copying can result in significant security breaches. However, eliminating it means eliminating tenant comfort, which is another challenge by itself.

How can you protect your property?

Naturally, the best way to control this risk is to keep track of anyone who has access to your property. As soon as someone stops its association with your property, there’s no reason why they should have access. In other words, there’s no need for their card to keep working.

Your security staff and surveillance system become vital allies to monitor who’s accessing the property. This information becomes crucial to realize when card copies are around.

The key lies in your access control database

Your access control database is the tool that lets you shut down card access as soon as it’s necessary. You can also assess how many times the RFID card was used, which couples with security footage to spot irregularities.

Battling RFID card copying is important – especially if you’re looking at long term security.