Access control – Design & Installation

Access Control is a widely used term in today’s world and can run the full spectrum from a simple mechanical keypad lock on a community pool gate to a sophisticated “cloud-based” platform controlling a myriad of restricted access points using infrared readers and biometrics. At PTR, we have the technical experience and knowledge of the available resources to develop and deploy an access control strategy that will work for all possible environments.

Technological Advances in Access Control

There are few aspects of the industry that have benefited from recent technological advances more than access control. Whether it be a perimeter vehicle gate, a community amenity area, or a commercial office space housing hundreds of employees, wireless communications tools (Cellular, Blue tooth and WiFi) as well as “state of the art” SQL-based data platforms have presented a new set of features and conveniences that did not exist until recently. Every month, new tools, such as soft credentials using smart phones and video integration with perimeter controls platforms, become available to our customers at reasonable cost. As modem and analog technology becoming a thing of the past, remote connectivity by data managers to the access control platform is now readily available through networking tools and over the internet.

Access Control Systems from Leading Manufactures

Our system designers are committed to keeping up with the latest in access control technologies and we are proud to offer installation packages and service on access control products from leading manufacturers such as DoorKing, Brivo Systems, KeyScan, HID, and Dwelling Live, among many others. Visit our Access Control Products page for more information.