Camera systems – design & installation

Keep Watch via Video Surveillance

Enhance security and gain convenient and reliable monitoring with a camera system. With the ever changing technology, modern video cameras will save you time and money in addition to capturing what’s happening on and around your property. PTR will design a video surveillance system that meets your budget and property monitoring needs.

The presence of a security camera system offers many benefits and is an asset to businesses, apartment complexes, and individual homes. Video cameras help control visitor access to property, protect restricted areas, and aid in deterring theft. Some product features to consider are:

  • Type of camera – pro-box, dome, or pan-tilt
  • Wired or wireless system
  • Remote access – watch video from mobile device or on computer
  • Power source for camera
  • Ethernet cable access
  • Motion detection and built-in sirens
  • Infrared (IR) for vision in low-to-no light areas
  • Video back-up options
  • Vandal-proof security cameras
  • Weatherproof cameras

Home of Office Camera Systems

Our professional staff has experience with installing a variety of surveillance camera systems in the Atlanta area. If you are looking to provide a boost to your home or business video system, PTR can design a complete CCTV system for your needs. Our recommendations provide details such as:

  • Number of cameras needed
  • Clear definition of the areas that are monitored by video
  • Lighting needs, depending on type of camera
  • Cameras best suited for Atlanta climate
  • IP and cabling requirements
  • Video recording and backlog options

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