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Experts at Video Surveillance Camera Services

At PTR we service CCTV equipment for many large and small businesses, as well as individual homes and apartment complexes. Our experts are familiar with all major manufacturers and are capable of a range of services from single camera repair to video surveillance system upgrades and overhauls.

A variety of problems can cause image distortions. The good news is that each problem has its unique set of characteristics, making it easy to identify. Common image problems are often a result of:

  • Direct sun or bright glare
  • Incorrect wiring
  • Faulty power supply and/or faulty cable system
  • Signal transmission interruptions in wireless security camera systems

PTR comes to your property to inspect the camera system and pinpoint the source causing the problem. This might include rewiring parts of the video surveillance system, or adjusting placement of the camera to alleviate the situation. Our camera services include:

  • Replacing infrared LED boards
  • Lens replacement
  • Replacing the CCD or CMOS image sensor
  • Power board replacement

Whether it is a malfunctioning camera, faulty connections, or bad power supply, the professionals at PTR will make the necessary repairs. If the system is irreparable, we design and recommend high-quality, cost-effective new video surveillance systems that fit your business or home needs

Without a functioning surveillance system, your property becomes vulnerable. When your security camera system is down, we know there is no time to waste to get it back up and running. Allow us to demonstrate why PTR is the right choice in maintaining your camera system, and your peace of mind. Give us a call at 404-609-1500