Simple Access Management Using Your Smartphone With Gatewise

Gatewise Multifamily Access is an all-in-one solution that provides modern gate access technologies to apartment complexes and other gated communities, including amenities. This cloud-based access control system lets you open car-gates and entry doors in a few taps with your cell phone.

Mobile access control and cloud-based security will be an epic game-changer for physical security systems in 2021.

According to the 2019 Security Industry Monitor report by Imperial Capital, the identity and authentication sector saw massive growth in 2019, outpacing 2018’s total 3Q volume. In fact, North America Mobile Access Control Market’s valuation is predicted to reach USD 297.16 million by the end of the forecast period (2020-2027) at a CAGR of 26.1%.

In the Gatewise access management system, the system administrator can allow authorized access to the tenants of the community. To add outsiders, you need to put their phone numbers into the system.

You can easily download the app on your android or iOS device from the Google play store and App Store.  


Why Gatewise 

As you probably already know, a traditional gate access system with a callbox has its own set of shortcomings. The system includes multipurpose hardware pieces, and if one tiny piece of equipment stops working, the whole system quits. It’s built on outdated and unreliable technology. Repairing or replacement could be time taking and expensive. Sometimes it gets hard to manage traffic during peak hours that causes frustration for everyone. 


Gatewise Multifamily Access app has a user-friendly interface. Once the Gatewise Receiver is wired to your community access gate, you can open the gate using your smartphone. As it works on a single hardware component, there are very low chances of the system going down. If it does, the repairing process is a piece of cake.  


In short, Gatewise is the most convenient access control solution for the urban, digitized world.


Gatewise Features and Benefits 

  • Say no to call boxes, pedestals and age-old technology. 
  • No more clickers, security cards or keyfobs!
  • Gatewise is compatible with all types of vehicle gates, pedestrian gates, and amenity doors.
  • With Gatewise smart widget, you don’t even need to open the app all time.
  • Modern cloud technology gives you a complete overview of all access logs to track every entry and exit.
  • You don’t always need WiFi connectivity as Gatewise utilizes Bluetooth technology and high-speed data.
  • Tenants can open gates from any remote location for visitors and deliveries.
  • If you are expecting someone within a day, you can issue a 24-hour visitor’s key in case you are not at home. 
  • Gatewise provides an entirely hands-free experience as you can use Siri or Hey Google.
  • Property managers can limit amenity access during certain hours if they want.
  • If a tenant doesn’t own a smartphone, they can use clickers.
  • Gatewise offers seamless integration with Resman property management software for instant updates. 
  • Property managers can fix schedules to keep the gates open during certain hours. 


Gatewise Price

It may cost up to $10k – $15k to install a traditional callbox system, plus there is the yearly maintenance cost added to it.  On the other hand, Gatewise pricing starts at $199/month with zero maintenance charge and a full-time warranty.  You can request a demo at your suitable time to get a free quote.