Telephone Entry and Visitor Management: How They Work

Visitor management is a critical approach for controlled access in Atlanta—and any community interested in improving their security measures. From companies to gated communities, telephone entries are a vital element in their approach.

But, how do these systems work? What exactly is visitor management? Luckily, it’s easy to answer and understand both questions.

Visitor management

Visitor management is fairly self explanatory. It refers to any practice implemented to track and monitor everyone coming into the community from outside.

However, it goes a little beyond simply knowing who’s visiting the facilities. Real controlled access for Atlanta businesses and companies need to record relevant information. Collecting names and contact details is critical in case something goes wrong.

CCTV feeds and card systems are just as important for the same reasons. Letting visitors in from the outside means giving them access to delicate data. Proper controlled access for Atlanta means ensuring that doesn’t result in something bad.

What telephone entry means for visitor management

Telephone entry systems is an excellent implementation to give more power to residents or security staff over who gets to enter. In essence, it works by connecting a phone line to the entry system.

Once someone wishes to enter a community or building, they’re directed to a call. This call’s goal is to have them identify themselves and provide the necessary information to enter the building or community.

During these calls, building security can collect important data on the visitor in case they need it for an emergency. They’re also free to approve or decline their entrance.

Telephone entry method for controlled access in Atlanta

Telephone entry comes in different shapes. All of them follow the same goal, but the system itself might vary depending on the setup you select.


Wired intercoms are simply a pair of wires connecting two lines. One party speaks and the other listens. These telephone entry systems aren’t too common these days.


Wireless intercoms are mostly the standard. More advanced systems follow the wireless approach. They work within a range, similarly to baby monitors.


Audio intercoms are the most common telephone entry solutions. Pressing the doorbell sends a notification to a main station. They can enable the system by pressing a button to speak with the visitor.


Video telephone entry systems combine CCTV with traditional practices. It works just like audio intercoms, with the added video feed.