Businesses gain so many benefits from having an access control system: increased security, lockout prevention, a seamless entrance experience, and more. Access control systems keep your company and its assets safe, plus they help improve your building entrance experience. 

What type of businesses should have access control systems? Access control systems are necessary for businesses that require a high level of security to protect important assets and those that have to comply with federal security regulations. If you have a business that would suffer greatly from a security breach, it needs an access control system.

By implementing an access control system, you can control who enters your building or an area on your property by reviewing each person’s identity that wants to enter. There are many different types of access control systems that suit different businesses and needs.

What Is an Access Control System?

Access control systems are a common piece of a business’s security plan when increased security is an important value. They are designed to control who does and doesn’t enter a building or a part of a property — whether it be a room, a section or a building, or a lot. 

Access control systems determine whether or not to grant a person access to the building by authenticating the identity of each person who is trying to enter the building, helping businesses maintain a more secure building. 

Instead of having organization members use a key each time they enter and exit the building, an access control system uses an electronic key to open the door after reviewing the identity of the person wanting to enter. Each person who is allowed access to the building can have a different level of access, which is defined by the business owner and/or the access control system manager.

There are many different ways to validate identities, and there are many technologies used throughout access control systems. 

Types of Access Control Systems

Access control systems come in a wide variety of styles and features. There are IP access-based systems that are controlled via web or mobile device, and there are traditional, hardware-based systems. For some access control systems, you swipe a card to enter through, and some allow you to authenticate your identity through your phone or license plate.  

Some access control systems are building-wide, and some are used to limit access to a certain room that contains sensitive information or files. Different businesses have different needs. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose between role-based access control, mandatory access control, and discretionary access control.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a commonly used access control system setup that allows a certain amount of access to different roles, defined by the system manager and/or the business owner. Large organizations can easily group employees by roles, titles, etc. and give specific access to each role.

Mandatory Access Control

The mandatory access control setup is similar to role-based access control, but it changes the amount of access by each individual, rather than by role or group. It is required of the system manager to define every individual’s level of access, which can be challenging for large organizations.

Discretionary Access Control

During discretionary access control, there is only one level of access, and anyone who provides credentials has the same amount of access.

What Type of Businesses Should Have Access Control Systems?

Access control systems allow the business owner to know exactly who is in the building at all times and can provide backup in the event of a security breach. By controlling access to your entire building or part of your property — depending on your needs, you can help prevent theft and uphold your business’s necessary security standards.

Access control systems are a great asset for a wide range of businesses and are crucial for any businesses that needed added protection. Examples of businesses that need access control systems include:

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Hospitals and other medical offices
  • Law enforcement buildings
  • Government agencies
  • Law offices
  • Housing properties
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Medical records companies
  • Data agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment firms
  • Industrial businesses
  • And more

Access control systems are imperative for businesses that have to comply with federal regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI, or SOC2. They are great for businesses that deal with sensitive information in general, such as banks, law enforcement, data agencies, and more. 

Plus, they are used in collaboration with gates and cameras for a wide range of businesses that want gated access to their whole property or part of their property. Industrial businesses often use access control systems along with license plate recognition technology.

Finding the Right Access Control System for Your Business

When it comes to access control systems, there are a lot of decisions to make, such as what type of control type you’ll have, what authentication method you’ll choose, and what style system you need. First, you’ll need to analyze your business’s specific needs, which is best done with the guidance of a consultant. 

You’ll need to know things like:

  • The number of access points that are needed
  • Which area(s) of your property you are using it for
  • Who will manage your system
  • How your data is being collected and used
  • What technology features you are interested in

PTR is here to help you design, install, and maintain the perfect custom access control system for your needs. We’re your partner for all of your access control needs. We learn about your business and its needs to help you create the right system that meets your goals.

We marry the strong security of traditional systems with the modern technology of the digital age and guide you to the best equipment and features from leading manufacturers. We can also combine a custom access control system with other security equipment like cameras and gate systems to create a rock-solid business security system.

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