Unique Security Concerns During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a phenomenon in ways no one could expect. Sure, anyone could see the safety measures coming: physical distancing, higiene advice, and more. However, it has changed the way we live and operate every day.

One of the best examples of this shift comes with all the special safety issues brought up. Managers have had to adapt to multiple concerns that were unheard of a year ago. Even repurposing traditional systems, like video surveillance, has been a challenge for many.

5 concerns brought by coronavirus

The Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure has an extensive resources page regarding security concerns from COVID-19. It’s an entire database of educational resources to help businesses adapt to our new reality.

Interestingly, it sheds light into the unique problems we’ve been talking about. It’s not just about securing your lock and access keys.

New threats

With remote work, sensitive information has become standard access for many resources. Poor screening processes create insider threats during the pandemic.

Similarly, personnel security for in-house departments, safety management, and other workforce threats are more prominent. Measures like managing rekey operations and granting permissions is vital during the pandemic.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation is the main agent changing how companies operate. Businesses must be able to lock down their installations immediately. The same is true for running remote interviews and controlling access to the installations.

Video surveillance becomes more than access control. It enables you to know how many people are within your installations to assess potential dangers.

Internal communication

Ensuring all your workers can communicate with each other has always been vital. With physical distancing it becomes a challenge many managers are unprepared for.

Collaboration features in administrative systems become vital for any business. Letting your workers create and edit files in real-time lets you streamline operations without compromising their health. You can lock databases and files to avoid losing information and leaks.

Remote work

Remote work has become the staple during the pandemic. Physical distancing has made countless resources to move their office to their living rooms. Therefore, having the right software to guarantee operations is a priority.

The right management and administrative software should let you generate keys and rekey your resources according to your needs. This migration creates new challenges, but the platforms also offer the features necessary to curb them.

Crowding risks

Finally, in-house departments will still be part of our lives. As offices reopen and employees go back to their spaces, managers must guarantee proper distancing. Installing touch locks and proper video surveillance is crucial.

You want to know exactly when people enter and exit your installations. Avoiding crowds requires advanced scheduling and resource distribution. These systems streamline the entire process.

The need for modernizing spaces

Remote work won’t kill offices. Not everyone can work from their living rooms. Sophisticated measures will become the norm as companies reopen their spaces.

Rekey, touch access locks, advanced video surveillance, and other measures will turn into the standard. Make sure you hire the right services to reap these benefits as quickly as possible to ensure your operations resume without significant issues.