Installing access control for the first time can be intimidating for countless business owners. Today’s market is full of different system types, features, and prices. While that’s an advantage, the options can feel overwhelming.

Today, we’ll teach you what you need to know about PTR access control solutions. That means how it works, why it’s advantageous, and how to choose the right solution.

Understanding access control

Access control refers to systems that help you verify and approve who enters your property and areas within the property and available resources. Property owners have access to multiple functions to monitor access.

These systems work with any entrance or gateway. That includes doors, gates, and other physical variables separating different spaces.

How does it work?

Home and business security can be different. PTR controlled access solutions follow a primary method: verifying individuals passing through control points via programmed credentials. Simplified, your access control identifies people’s information and grants the allowed access according to your desires.

Benefits offered by Atlanta access control today

Access control has evolved considerably over time. Not long ago, mechanical locks and human vigilance were the standards. Today, many buildings still rely on traditional methods. However, your access control can be a significant evolution for your properties.

Current solutions provide features beyond allowing and denying access. They let you optimize your security and track traffic through your building.


Modern access control solutions offered by PTR Controlled Access, accommodate multiple needs. You can install analog and digital systems. Additionally, you can request extra features, such as smartphone access, real-time analytics, and more.

Intelligent solutions

Your access control system can provide more than security for your facilities. For instance, you can assess traffic levels in different spaces and times during the day. This type of information can prove crucial for optimizing operations and processes.


Finally, you can rest assured that no one can trespass on your property. Your PTR Controlled Access system will apprise you of any breeches on your property.

What should you keep in mind?

Investing in Atlanta access control is a significant step to improve your spaces. However, you should be careful when doing so. Not knowing what to implement can make you lose more money unnecessarily or compromise your security.

Thankfully, keeping a few primary considerations in mind is straightforward and goes a long way. Working with specialized services, like PTR controlled access, can make your life noticeably simpler.


Your budget should be the first consideration. However, you also want to make it flexible enough to revisit if you find additional features that could aid you.

Real requirements

On the other hand, don’t let feature volume entice you and compromise your budget. Be realistic with what you need: features, which areas you need to cover, and more. It’s easy  to get carried away once you see the possibilities.

Service quality

Finally, prioritize hiring a flexible installation service if you need advanced solutions. PTR Controlled Access helps you adapt your systems to your needs while keeping your budget safe.